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Title: NmAD
Post by: RichR on April 28, 2016, 12:43:10 AM
New Mini Amp Day!  I've been thinking about getting a Quilter Mini Head 101.  I had gone up to my non-GC store, which is a Quilter dealer, and played one in the store a few days ago.  Played with a PRS, and used an open back cab that was there.  Not exactly a 'my rig' test, but I could tell the character of the amp.  Nice cleans, and nice OD as you bring the gain up.

My Egnater has had an intermittent problem lately.  Sometimes it will make a reverb crashing sort of sound when you power it up, and the sound is kind of thin and weak.  It has done this too me a few times, then seems to return to working correctly.  It did it during rehearsal last night.  I ran my Ethos direct out to the board, and later on, I connect the amp section of the Ethos pedal to my speaker cab.  Both these provided "save the gig" kind of solutions.  And actually sounded pretty good. 

But that was the last little push I needed to pull the trigger on the 101.  Brought it home, my pedal board into it, connect to my speaker cab, and started tweaking.  Wow!  I'm impressed.  Fit into my rig better than I could have imagined!  Works great with my closed 1x12 Egnater cab.  Spooky quiet, compared to the little hums and hisses of most tube amps.  Haven't had a chance to try the strat or the es330 with it yet.

Haven't really had much time to tinker with it yet.  Plan to get into it tonight!
Title: Re: NmAD
Post by: KenBJammen on April 28, 2016, 02:29:54 AM

I love that Gino Matteo (From KOTB 07) is doing the demos on their site
Title: Re: NmAD
Post by: RichR on May 05, 2016, 01:41:32 PM
Man, retirement is busy so far.  I haven't had time to write a more detailed review of the MH 101.

Took it to an outdoor gig for a real trial by fire, last Saturday.  First time using it at full band volume.

We played the Overland Park Farmers Market, and there was supposed to be a solo act play first, so limited set up time.  Being outside, we miked everything up, plus Greg's brother Ralph came with his congas/percussion stuff.  So, setup was kind of long and complicated and with very little. time.  So, in the end by the time I got the PA up, everything connected, monitors and mains set at some starting levels, we were at our starting time.   

So, I had zero time to play around with my rig.  For starters, everything sounds different when you pick it up and take it outside.  Some settings that sounded great in the basement, were way too broken up and disappeared in the mix.   I reduced the gain on my Ethos pedal, and brought up the output, to clean up.  This makes a louder, cleaner, sound to hit the amp with.  This pushed the amp into even more overdrive.  By the 2nd/3rd song I had it somewhat dialed in.

Very happy with the amp!  A bit of a learning curve learning how the amp and my Ethos interact.  After that gig, I had another woodshed session with the amp, and absolutely love it.  I found that I can set the amp up clean, and it will behave pretty much like my Egnater tube head (I used the clean channel on the Eg, and Ethos for grit, boost, and tone tweaking.)   I also found that I can put the amp in various levels of overdrive, and the Ethos pedal interacts very differently! 

With the amp in light OD, for example, I can use the clean channel on the Ethos, as a clean boost to just push the amp further into its own OD.  And then use the OD channel for a little higher gain.  On the other hand, if I set the amp up clean, the clean channel of the Ethos is just ultra clean and sparkly.

The amp also has five 'voicings':  FullQ, Tweed, Jazz, Surf, Lead.  The FullQ is supposed to be the 'natural' sound of the amp.  Supposed to be somewhere between an EL84 and EL34 amp.  In the tweed settings the gain brings up a tailored set of freqs, instead of the "full eq" spectrum.  The Tweed voices breaks up and compresses a little earlier, too.  I have been going back and forth between these two voices.  Probably have very little use for the others.  The Lead is a higher gain voice; Jazz and Surf tend to the clean with different eq and gain/out interaction.

May do a demo of it one of these days.  I've used it with my Eg 1x12 closed, extra deep cab; and my Epi 1x12 open back.  The open cab helps it get the high end sparkle out.  The Eg cab tended to be a little dark, but some eq tweaks fix that.   Both these cabs are 16ohm, so would probably get more volume out of 8ohms.  But even on an outdoor gig, I definitely did not need more volume.  I will try it my open back 4x10 cab.

I think getting these SS amps dialed in is a bit of an art.  I've gone to jams a couple of times, where someone had a Quilter Aviator combo.  Each time I didn't have a real good experience.  But I was convinced that was the way the other guys had set up their amps.  And I am sticking to that theory.  I think I have this one dialed in to where I can forget that there is not a tube head sitting back there.  And the thing is light, small, and bulletproof!

Title: Re: NmAD
Post by: RichR on May 26, 2016, 10:20:11 PM
Finally got around to recording something with the Quilter 101 mini head.  Just made up a backer and put some guitar parts on it. 

Went through Ethos OD channel,
TC HOF reverb
into the Quilter
into Egnater 1x12 closed back cab.

Quilter set on 'FullQ' (kind of marshall-like), gain at a bit over 3, and "Wattage" (Master vol) set at 10 watts, which is halfway to max.  A clean setting for the amp, just on the verge of breakup. 
Ethos added some light OD and some tone adjustment.  Not a great amp demo, as I never featured the amp with no pedals.  But this is how I use it in my rig.

LP (deluxe) on middle/both pup position on Lead
Strat bridge pup on Rhythm.

https://soundcloud.com/user-173065195/quilterstratlp (https://soundcloud.com/user-173065195/quilterstratlp)

Kind of blew the dust off my recording setup!