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Amplifiers / NAD..Brownie
« on: March 20, 2015, 03:15:18 PM »
Worked a trade for my blackface Vibroverb for this Headstrong '63 Brownface replica..
What a great amp..sits right between tweed & blackface tone-wise. Great warm cleans and on the edge tones. One of the best trems I've ever heard. Super's a bias-trem which actually varys the bias up and down for the effect. Just got it re-tubed/biased and ready to roll. This will be my big room amp now.

Guitars / NTD>>>
« on: June 01, 2014, 08:18:19 PM »
new tele added to the stable....This is the American special. I'm real impressed with the quality of the build for it being considered a budget US model. The texas special tele pickups actually sound quite good. Way better than the TS strat PU's...I hated those with a passion. These just sound like fatter tele p/u's without the midrange honk the strat versions have.

revamped my rig with a few new pedals also...L to R
Catalinbread Topanga - tank reverb
Suhr Jack Rabbit - tremolo
Aqua Puss - slapback
Greer Lightspeed - low gainer

The Topanga has changed my mind about verb pedals. Check one out, they're bad ass. The Greer is the best low gainer I've ever owned..immediately knocked the Gainster off my board. The Suhr is awesome does a nice vintage, fat sounding trem...and a bunch of other stuff I'll never use.

Amplifiers / Buster spkr swap
« on: March 25, 2014, 04:37:31 PM »
Swapped out the celestion g12h30 in my Buster  with a new weber alnico. What a difference. The g12h was too dark and thick for my tastes... and got darker the more you cranked the amp.  The weber has those sweeter alnico  mids and more of that  piano-like clarity. Great speaker!

 Hope everyone's doing well!

Guitar Effects / Trem/Verb Pedal
« on: December 01, 2013, 10:28:16 PM »
I have some extra funds in the gear kitty and i'm thinking about a trem & verb pedal for the new amp. Never been satisfied with verb pedals they really seem to make everything over-processed but haven't tried any of the newer ones.

The Strymon Flint looks like the one. Anyone tried it? Or maybe a FT Super Trem and a Wet reverb? Haven't tried any of those but they get great reviews.

Amplifiers / Pulled the Trigger...
« on: November 30, 2013, 01:39:11 AM »
on a Louis Electric Buster...basically a 25 watt tweed-meets-brownface deluxe. Uses 6L6's and has some serious spank! Not shipping until monday so that sucks...

here's a clip of one

Arthur Neilson Plays a Deluxe Buster With a Hahn Strat

Promote your music / Xmas tune....Greensleeves
« on: November 19, 2013, 12:10:55 AM »
Here's a quick version of Greensleeves I worked up last night. Short and sweet...and highlights my usual sub-par recording capabilities!  :D


Amplifiers / ZT Amps
« on: October 18, 2013, 01:32:36 PM »
I ended up with a ZT Lunchbox in a cash/trade deal. I'm pretty impressed...for some reason this amp gets along great with my Guild archtop. Really has a warm clean tone for jazz. I think it's the mid hump that really makes it feel punchy like a tube amp. Should be a great recording/practice amp. Didn't someone here have a ZT they were using? I was even thinking about checking out their bigger club amp.

Your Gigs / Happy hour gig tonight
« on: August 09, 2013, 12:40:25 PM »
This is a fun one....we hit at 5pm and do one long set. Nice music hall with full sound provided. This is one that the local blues society puts on.

Amplifiers / The need fo Tweed
« on: July 07, 2013, 10:34:19 PM »
Getting my ducks in a row to build a 5e3 deluxe. Been meditating over the schematic/layout and reading up on sourcing parts. I'll do the chassis first and order the cab/speaker later. Probably a mojo cab & an alnico weber.

At work they were cleaning out an old bench shop (for 2way radios) and they gave me all kinds of stuff. 3 bench dmm's,  an analog dmm, an oscilloscope, a NICE sencore mighty mite tube tester and boxes of NOS passive components like carbon comp resistors, etc... they were going to pitch everything in the trash! Figured I'd put this stuff to use. The 5e3 looks fairly simple and like a good place to start.

Promote your music / Lyresto
« on: July 07, 2013, 09:09:40 PM »
Recorded a cover of a tune called Lyresto today....great tune by Kenny Burrell off the Coltrane/Burrell record. Just did it to see if I could and I've always wanted to learn the tune. It has a great head/melody but is a little tough to learn because it's so freaking long! It seems to go on and on...

not the greatest mix but here it tis....


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