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Anyone have opinions or advice on the following options (for vocal & guitar) ? Thanks.

Behringer UCG102 Guitar Link USB Audio Interface, 1/4 inch to USB ($40 US)

Behringer U-PHORIA UMC22 is an audiophile 2x2 USB audio interface with a MIDAS mic preamplifier. ($80 US)

Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202 like UMC22 above but each input has pre-amp. ($120 US)

Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD (might also be known as UMC204) 2x2 USB Audio/MIDI Interface ($100 US)

General Discussion / Linds'a Place on the Southside
« on: June 25, 2014, 03:31:05 PM »
Ironically, a dude visiting Chicago from his home in France introduced me to a very nice music venue which had previously been unknown to me, A blues-loving Chicago native. It is Linda's Lounge, aka Linda's Place, on the southside. I had a wonderful time there - I had planned to arrive at 930 and leave by 1030 or 11 since I had to rise early the next day, but it was so much fun I stayed until after midnight.
The venue is a neighborhood bar in a predominantly Black area, and the clientele (and most of the musicians) seemed to be from middle-age to elderly, so the music was fit to their tastes.
The middle-age to elderly Black Americans, they have a love and respect for the blues, but they do not want to hear set after set of nothing but blues like the White folks do;
They want to hear some blues, but mostly soul, funk, and like that with a little blues mixed in - a little Albert King/Muddy Waters and a lot of Tyrone Davis/Benny Lattimore. The music followed that pattern; it was very engaging even for me, one who would not at all mind hearing nothing but blues.
One of the singers, named Denise, she and the band did one number that even sounded like jazz to me. The band was Fantastic L-Roy and his Bulltproof Band..
The most prominent characterisitic of the venue is the perception of sincere friendliness, welcome, and relaxation.

Guitars / new (lower) saddle and lower nut exit helped much
« on: March 16, 2014, 09:41:19 PM »
acoustic archtop adjustments made over the weekend
with wisdom gathered from several online posts I decided to lower the string exit height closer to fret height,
also i fashioned a new bridge from a white tail deer antler, the previous bridge I had carved from oak wood mill work and it was too tall;
the neew bridge is not as tall, plus the saddled, carved from a piece of beef bone, fits better (lower and more stably) into the slot in the new antler bridge.  I do not have proper tools to make this stuff;  I ended up putting 2 blades on my hack saw frame to make the slot on the antler bridge for the bone saddle. I think the nut is actually some type of plastic but I was too tired to make a nice antler nut yesterday - maybe soon I'll replace the plastic nut with a antler one.
any how, the guitar sounds a lot nicer now, louder, and truer pitch at the high frets.
My motivation for this little project was that after recently stringing with 12-56, heavier than previous strings, the new strings did not fit into the nut slots or the saddle slots, not they do, and the action is lower now too.
But I got me a problem with the heavier strings, I need to discipline my left hand fingers because now I a lot of string buzz, not from unwanted fret or pickup contact, but from the side of my fingers contacting the strings.  I've always had the issue but now it is worse -- I am not willing to thin down my fingers so I have lots of practice ahead of me to train my fingers to keep correct posture and not touch the strings to the side of the finger.  attached is a view of the new antler bridge (and old bone saddle) the view is looking down from the neck toward the bridge

My late Uncle Larry used to play bars and clubs in a duo act with his wife;
This photo is a plugger from one of those gigs;
I am curious what kind of guitar is that -
Can anyone make a good guess?

Guitars / string material compostion
« on: June 04, 2013, 08:30:20 PM »
(My question about string type came up in the string gauge thread and rather than keep going off topic in that thread I started this here thread. So the quote is from from string gauge thread not this thread.)

pb does not work well with magnetic pups.

What unwanted results should I expect if I use the phospor bronze with the magnetic pickup?

Great Blues Musicians / Eddie Taylor
« on: June 04, 2013, 02:44:06 PM »
After nearly 30 years there is yet a rip in my heart cuz he's gone.
How many here seen him live?  I used to (a lot) on Lincoln Avenue (or Halsted too I guess). 

I f there were one universal blues museum, all those other 'greats' might have big statues and plaques but Eddie Taylor he would be part of the building's foundation. IMHO.
Eddie Taylor - Peach Tree Blues

Guitar Effects / volume reducer for AUX input to Fender M80 amp?
« on: May 10, 2013, 06:51:40 PM »
Thsi is not about guitar effects per se, but see I got this Fender M80 combo amp, and I tried to use a little (toy almost) electronic keyboard into the AUX jack for use as a drum track,
but the problem is, the volume is overwhelming even with the keyboard's volumes at its lowest, and there is no volume control on the particular amp input.

I what I'm asking of you all pedal effect aficionados, Is there a gizmo I could put between the keyboard output and the AUX input that I could use to reduce the volume?

Thanks for your kind attention and, hopefully, replies.

Hey all.
I just joined and starting to look around the Burlap & Blues site.
Me I am a blues singer/guitarist (amateur that is).
Maybe I'll probably try to upload some of my music recordings.
Mostly I'll probably be lurking/posting in the guitar, etc subforums here.
Take care.

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