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General Discussion / Video cameras
« on: March 10, 2014, 06:56:52 PM »
I'm thinking about buying a video camera.   Probably closer to the $200 end of the spectrum.   (also need to spend on a good tripod, sd cards, etc.)  Just something capable of making good band vids.   Reasonable battery life, and support large enough cards to record a 60-70 minute set without interruption?  I know this is also a function of the resolution used.

I am assuming faster fps is not too necessary for a music performance.  Good audio performance,  though I am wondering about syncing video with audio recording from another source, like a mixer recording, flash audio recorder, etc.

So far, I've never owned a video camera, except for my phone (and it makes pretty crappy vids, with terrible audio.) 

Any suggestions of what to look at; what to look out for?

General Discussion / RIP Paco
« on: February 26, 2014, 05:49:46 PM »

Guitar Effects / NPD/NAD - Ethos Overdrive Amp
« on: February 17, 2014, 03:59:03 PM »
Got the Ethos Amp Friday night, and have been trying all kinds of things.  Drive a 1x12, a 4x10, a monitor cab, a pa cab, direct to PA, direct recording, front of my amp, and front of a couple other amps at jams.  Does it all well!!!

Haven't had a chance to try driving a cab with it, while playing with a drummer.  But I think it is loud enough.  The built in amp seems a bit on the dark side, so the setting need to be tweaked, compared to the settings you would use going to the front of an amp.  (Even after using/not using the Guitar Amp Compensation circuit (GAC), etc.

Bumped my Lovepedal Amp11 off as a foundation overdrive.  And a very nice clean, also.   Even on a good clean amp sound, it improves it.  Keeping the OCD as a boost.  Dialed the gain back, and use it more as a clean boost, just not totally clean.

Just getting all the settings figured out.  Finding some great, useable sounds.  Here are a couple scratch recordings I did direct from the Ethos.  The bass part on the first one, was also through the Ethos (clean channel).  Fired up a drum loop and made up some stuff.

Not really good pedal demo clips, but they show the potential for direct recording.  These were done totally in head phones in the middle of the night.  Both strat and lp tracks on both.



Your Gigs / Hosting the Lake of the Ozarks Blues Society jam tonight
« on: February 11, 2014, 05:02:00 PM »
Got a long haul today/tonight.  We are hosting the Lake of the Ozarks Blues Society jam.  Charlie, our new-ish keyboard guy, lives part time at the lake and part time in KC.   Pays better than any jam host gig I've done.  Better than some full 4 hour gigs.  But we are making a long drive--  about 2 1/2 hours each way.  Also furnishing rooms (gig is at the Country Club Hotel and Spa at Lake of the Ozarks), but having to pass on the room.  My bass player needs to go to work in the morning so we are driving back.

Gig is 7-11, so we can start the drive back by midnight.  Charlie is handling the PA on this one; the other 3 are all packing into my van.  By the time I drop everyone off, I'll be rolling in about 4am.  Maybe in a vegetative state(other than Kansas) tomorrow.

Lots of good gigs around the Lake in the Summer, so a good place to make a good impression.

Amplifiers / In the Amp Market once again
« on: January 22, 2014, 05:02:22 PM »
Still very happy with the sound of my Egnater Rebel 30, using the clean channel as a pedal platform.   

My older Rebel 20, single channel, is broken.   My old-school analog repair guy has given up on it.  He doesn't have the tools or know-how to troubleshoot anything solid state, and has traced, all that he can trace.   This is about the 3rd time this amp has been down with a non-tube issue.   I could take it to another repair guy, but I can count on that repair going $100+.  Considering selling it as a basket case.

Really like to have a good working spare on gigs.  And an amp I can leave at rehearsal to reduce the wear and tear.

Anyway, starting the search for another amp.   Small and light, are definite requirements.  Nothing bigger than a 1x12 combo.  I have 2 good 1x12 cabs, so heads are a definite possibility.   My two cabs are 16ohm, which may not work with some heads.  I will not lug both around to get down to 8 ohm.  Not crazy about re-speakering them, either; as that would siphon money away from my amp/head purchase.

A few preliminary thoughts:

I think the modern Fender product line a little baffling.  The Devilles,  Hot Rods, and Blues Deluxe don't seem to have much in common with the older product lines.  I've played a Blues Jr. at a jam, and it totally got buried in the mix.  Played a Blackface Deluxe RI, and like the sound and the way it handled my OD pedal.   Might consider a Tweed Deluxe/clone, but not sure if it would always be loud enough, or have enough clean headroom.   Seen some "super Deluxes" (bigger trannies, and 6L6 tubes).  Can always mic, but I wouldn't want to always need to mic.

I've never warmed up to Marshalls, so no interest in them, or their clones.

Been looking back at the Quilters-- heads/combos/powerblock options.   Wish I could go test drive one somewhere.  Though, they do offer a 30 day trial, and free shipping both directions, if you send it back.

Setting my price point cap at about $1000.  (Some flexibility for something really great.)

Your Gigs / Played last night at Tributes Bar and Grill
« on: January 18, 2014, 07:15:54 PM »
This one fell into my lap two days ago.  A bass player I know text me "playing Fri? If not want a gig?" on Wednesday.  Did the roll call thing to make sure everyone was available and took it.

BTW, we have gone to 4 piece with the keyboard player/harp player.  It is kind of  a cool changeup.  Also taking on more blues material.  He brought out the big guns last night-- the B3, the Leslie, powered PA speaker , and a harp amp.

This was our 2nd gig in this config.  (First was NYE at the Elks.)  Really starting to gel.  It was a fun gig.  Crowd was a little light, but we only had 2 days, so barely promoted.  And the weather turned back kind of blustery and cold (I would have gladly stayed in, if not for the gig).

The bar was kind of a trip.  I guess dive bars are kind of our norm, so we were right at home.  In a grungy, industrial area, near some trucking company bases.  Trucker bar during the after-work period.  And apparently tweaker bar after dark.   Lots of over-wound people, missing teeth.  My sheltered wife did not know the effects of meth on dental health (as well as mental health.)  One group of 5-6 people-- I don't think they had a full set of teeth between them.

Pennies from heaven for my gear kitty.  I am thinking of buying another amp, so that was a welcome little bump.

General Discussion / New band name
« on: January 09, 2014, 07:35:01 PM »

What a way to go...

An Oklahoma man is being held on suspicion of murdering his stepfather by giving him an "atomic wedgie," officials said.

Brad Davies
Police said Brad Lee Davis got into a drunken family fight with his stepfather in which he grabbed the manís underwear, pulled it over his head, and suffocated him with the waistband.

Davisí stepfather, 58-year-old Denver Lee St. Clair, was found dead at his home in McLoud, Okla., on Dec. 21. Davis was arrested on Tuesday, Shelly Dixon, first deputy clerk at Pottawatomie County Court, told NBC News.

The affidavit said the defendant "grabbed St. Clair's underwear and gave him an 'atomic wedgie.'" It adds that "Davis allegedly pulled the elastic waistband of St. Clair's underwear over his head and around his neck."

Police allege that the men got into a fight while drinking together when St. Clair made offensive remarks about his wife, who is Davis' mother.

St. Clair was killed by blunt force trauma to the head and asphyxiation, according to the state medical examiner.

Davis appeared in court Wednesday and is being held without bond in Pottawatomie County. He will appear again Jan. 22.

Newly unearthed footage of Jimi Hendrix performing at the 1968 Miami Pop Festival will be revealed in the two-hour documentary American Masters: Jimi Hendrix Ė Hear My Train a Comin', which airs tomorrow(article posted 11/4, so tomorrow is HERE.)  at 9 p.m. on PBS.

Read more:
Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

My local listing in central time, shows it at 8pm.

Guitars / The old ES-330 is getting new frets!!!
« on: November 04, 2013, 05:57:44 PM »
I pulled out my 330 the other night, and played it for awhile.  In most ways, it is the guitar I learned to play on.   My only guitar from about age 15 to 22, or so.  A cool, thin and wide neck/fretboard.  Since it is completly hollow, it is pretty good for playing unamplified.

Then, I plugged it into my pedalboard/amp rig.   Pretty amazing how different it sounds and interacts with pedals and amps (than my other guitars.)   The hollow thing, the P90s, or the combination.   Plays great, and sounds great.   

Why am I not playing this guitar more?   Well, mostly because it needs new frets.  I don't remember if it is a 1967 or 1968, but frets are original.  They are worn down to nothingness, and several serious indentations.   Because of the frets, there are little micro intonation issues.  Out of tune is a big mojo killer.

Last Thursday, I got it to a good local luthier.   Should be back this Thursday, or next.   I'm looking forward to playing it, and gigging with it.

Your Gigs / Jackson Browne tribute tonight at Knuckleheads
« on: October 09, 2013, 09:17:25 PM »
Today, Oct 9, is Jackson Browne's 65th birthday.  Also John Lennon and Sean Lennon birthday's too.

A local musician put together a tribute show at Knux for tonight.   I am doing 3 songs in it.

I'm doing Walking Slow and Under the Falling Sky with the house band.

There will be an acoustic set in the middle.  I am doing Something Fine in the acoustic set.  Of course, if you've never been a JB fan, these song names are meaningless.  Well, Bonnie Raitt did a cover of Under the Falling Sky, you may have heard.

Had a rehearsal/run through on Sunday, and it sounded pretty great.   With this Fed furlough, I've had lots of time to polish my stuff.

Looking forward to it!

Your Gigs / Auch du lieber, ended up with 2 fill in gigs
« on: September 27, 2013, 11:03:12 PM »
Monday I got a call for a bar I've been courting.   They had a cancel, and we were open.   And it is Oktoberfest in Downtown Lees Summit, where the bar is located.  Got a good guaranteed pay, plus promise of more if the crowd is good.

Then tomorrow I'm playing a Laura Lisbeth gig at a BBQ place.   Pay plus dinner.  And its some good BBQ!

Just heading out.

Your Gigs / Auditions - starting to look for a 4th, maybe.
« on: September 18, 2013, 05:07:02 PM »
My band has discussed adding a 4th person for awhile.   We are in agreement that it is better to stay as a trio, rather than add the wrong 4th person.

Definitely not doing the cattle call, formal audition process.  I don't want to deal with filtering out the non-starters.  I don't want to explain to various available players why they are not a fit for us.  More like, just asking people who give us a reasonable expectation of being a fit.

We had our first prospect over last night.  He has been in a local classic rock/southern rock for the past 22 years.   And his band is calling it quits.   Comparing our songlist, probably 10-15 of the same songs, so some common ground.   Plays rhythm guitar, mandolin, harmonica, and lead singer on about half of their stuff.

So, on paper, seemed like a good potential fit.  I would rather have keys, and/or someone who could also do some lead guitar; but maybe worth a shot.

Well, I think I'm getting to be a music snob, tone snob, gear snob, etc.   This guy, Carl, brought in a nice Twin Reissue ('65 RI).   Then, proceeded to hook up a Digitech RP400 in front of it.   Playing an LP Studio.   Nice clean sound, but the OD/Dist sounds from the Digitech just sounded like ass.   Because of the twin, really loud ass.   Sorry to bash the Digi pedals, but that amp would sound so much better with a good analog OD in front of it!  Maybe the LP Studio pups aren't great either.   But I think crappy tone is a deal breaker for me. 

The other thing that left me shaking my head...  his current/old band does the Skynard song 'Give Me Back My Bullets'.  I did this song in the 70s, when it was current, so I said, OK lets try it.   Song has a main, repeating riff.  He had one of the intervals wrong by a half-step.   He played it in Ab (I think the original recording might have been down-tuned) and for the lowest note in the riff, he was playing open E, when it should have been Eb.   When I played it, back in the day, we played it in A, for this same reason.   I played it up an octave to show him the difference between the right interval and the wrong one.  He couldn't hear it.  And insists that he plays (his version ) along with the record and it sounds perfect.   An argument not worth persuing.     It still surprises me to find "musicians" who cannot hear the difference between, a whole step and a half step; or between a major 3rd and a 4th.

Guy is a pretty good singer, and decent harp player.   But, I think the negatives are overwhelming.

General Discussion / Live streaming show NOW - The Mavericks
« on: September 13, 2013, 01:18:52 AM »
Any fans of the Mavericks?  They are playing Knux tonight, and they are supposed to stream the show:

Knuckleheads Saloon on USTREAM: Live music from Knuckleheads Saloon in Kansas City, MO. . Blues

I was seriously thinking about going, but didn't have the energy to bounce back after work, and not that willing to part with $40.  They are at intermission between opener and the Mavs (8:18).   Mavs should go on by 8:30.

Your Gigs / Busy Week. Gig with Laura Friday, Gig with the band, Saturday.
« on: September 03, 2013, 07:23:13 PM »
Laura rehearsal tonight;
band rehearsal tomorrow;
house party Thursday(out of town houseguests for one night).   
Laura gig Friday, Raildog gig Saturday.

Promoting both gigs, in between.

Then we are looking at a mostly empty calendar.   Got to start hustling again.

Great Blues Musicians / Saw Ronnie Baker Brooks last night!
« on: August 26, 2013, 02:07:07 AM »
Went to the Paola Roots Festival last night and saw Ronnie Baker Brooks. 

(I wanted to go Friday, which featured Indigenous and Robert Randolph/Family Band; but couldn't go Fri.)

First time seeing RBB.   Killer Chicago blues, in a perfect configuration:  Hammond B3 with Leslies, Trombone, Sax, Bass and RBB on a black 335, or maybe 339.

Well, I guess there was no harp, but I didn't miss it.

It was their first gig with this band.   Great Chi blues, and some killer guitar work and vocals from RBB.

The fest itself was kind of cool, in that they allowed people to bring in "loaded" coolers.   It was held in the big park in the town square of Paola,KS.   about 30 miles south of KC.  Kind of rural.   No alcohol sold, but BYOB was fine.   They asked "no glass", but weren't checking.  Security walked around with plastic cups for anyone they found with glass.   Finally a night out without a bunch of over-zealous cops on overtime.

This was the 24th annual Roots Fest.   Some of the past alumni:  Joe Bonamasa, Eric Sardinas, Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Los Lonely Boys.

Every time I've gone, its been $15/per day; or $25 for both.

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