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General Discussion / Re: Gee Roy, it sure is quiet around here!
« on: May 02, 2017, 02:18:16 AM »
I've been busy selling off stuff!  Man, it is crazy how much gear I had just collecting dust.  And even pricing stuff to sell, quite a few unexpected bucks piling up.   

Sold so far:
1960s Kay Value Leader Guitar
Ross Compressor
Xotic SP compressor
Lovepedal OD11
Boss DD7 Delay
Acoustic G100t 50/100w combo
Egnater 30 head
Egnater 20 head
Egnater 1x12 cab
Sunn 4x10 cab

With more stuff listed.  And more to be listed.
Almost a job, in itself.

I should have sold off much of this stuff long ago.

General Discussion / Re: Gee Roy, it sure is quiet around here!
« on: March 15, 2017, 05:26:51 PM »
I read up on our history of healthcare.  There was a "Blue Cross", that was actually a REAL non-profit.  Pay in, and if you have a catastrophic illness, it pays.  Largely after WWII, employer group plans started catching on.  In the beginning, they were only for catastrophic stuff.  Labor market was tight.  Pretty much anyone who wanted to work had a job.  Most cases, a lifetime job.  And employers had to compete with fringe benefits, such as health insurance.  Truman tried a national healthcare plan, but the usual suspects opposed it as socialism and it got nowhere.

In 1965, we got medicare and medicaid to cover the unemployed, poor, and old (well, 65 is not really old is it?)

When I was younger, it seems like you just paid for things like office visits and prescriptions, because they were reasonable and affordable.  Insurance was only for big things like hospital stays.  And I do not believe the insurance companies had the empires, that they command today.  I think insurance today is used as a smokescreen to hide how much you are being gouged by the medical industry, pharma, and the insurance companies themselves.

General Discussion / Re: Gee Roy, it sure is quiet around here!
« on: March 14, 2017, 04:18:40 PM »
They also need to stop letting insurance companies write the bills.  I believe we could have twice the healthcare at half the price if we could get those leeches off of our jugulars.

General Discussion / Re: Gee Roy, it sure is quiet around here!
« on: March 13, 2017, 02:42:06 AM »
Instead of the mandate, the new GOP plan has an incentive-- if you go uninsured, then decide you want insurance, the insurance companies get to rape you for an extra 30%, for the first year.  All goes in the pocket of the insurance company.  Great deal for the insurance companies.  Their slimy little fingerprints are all over this thing.

Ryan doesn't want it called "Ryancare", Trump doesn't want it called "Trumpcare".  Says a lot.  Right now, it doesn't look too likely to pass in its present form.  We'll see.

General Discussion / Re: Gee Roy, it sure is quiet around here!
« on: March 09, 2017, 09:24:11 PM »
Actually, under the new plan, insurance is no longer compulsory.....@ $300. a week, they could BL** me and spit.  It's all a big crap shoot.  You're betting $300, that you're going to be ill this week, they're betting their profit margin that you aren't.  Even the majority of Repubs aren't supporting this new plan.  Paul Ryan is one of these guys who try to sneak his warm hand in your pants, and when sounded about it, tries to say he's only checking your pulse.

The main feature of the new plan-- $600 billion in tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate.  That is what's driving the bus.

General Discussion / Re: Gee Roy, it sure is quiet around here!
« on: March 06, 2017, 05:32:49 AM »
I'm overdue for my first scoping.  Does the doctor spring for dinner and a movie first?

No but he did call the next day, and I thought that was nice.....
:D   More importantly, did he pick up the check?

General Discussion / Re: Gee Roy, it sure is quiet around here!
« on: March 02, 2017, 04:08:36 PM »
I'm overdue for my first scoping.  Does the doctor spring for dinner and a movie first?

Yeah BH, I'm trying to weigh all the taxes for a potential home base state-- sales tax on boats, income, property.  My income will be pension, plus some 401k draw.  Many states give the pensions a pass.  My wife just spotted a job she might like in Myrtle Beach.   If that pans out, it will be a factor.  We don't plan to need her to keep working.  I know many people have trouble walking away from having a job.  I've known several to "retire", then take another job within a month.  That is not me!  I'm almost at a year, and I would not consider holding a job again, unless finances required it.

It is quite a trip, going through our house and reducing our stuff to what will fit on a boat.  If I feel attached to anything, I ask myself:  Do I like this thing, more than I want to become a sea gypsy?  Answer is always a loud NO.  My wife is digitizing all the old photos we have in boxes. 

I am starting to downsize music gear.  When I bough my SKB Les Paul case last year, they shipped me a carton with 2 cases in it.  So my first craigslist ad is the brand new case.  Tele (thin, set neck, humbuckers), my old ES-330, will go.  I pulled out my early '80s vintage Roland GR300 w/GR202 controller and found one of the switches wasn't working.  Found a broken solder on the ground wire connection, and good as new!  Looks like they can fetch a good price!  I also have an old grey Ross compressor from the 70s.  They go for 300-500 these days.  I think I paid less the 100.  Lots more amps, cabs, PA gear, mics, lights, recording gear, etc.

I have a lot of cool stuff collecting dust!   

My sister in law as agreed to store what I want to hang on to, but not bring to the boat.  My '42 J-45, and my Les Paul, are probably all that will make the cut.  I think I will take my Breedlove with me, and maybe my strat, my tiny Quilter minihead 101, and a small speaker cab.  Maybe my pedal board, or key parts of it, like the Ethos pedal.  Hopefully enough gear that I can do a gig with someone, should the opportunity come up. 

Studying for a captains license now.  Necessary for any charter for pay work we might decide to do.  Not counting on the income, but now is the time to get it out of the way.  Requires a very thorough physical and drug test.  I'm also studying for the drug test.  I probably need 4 weeks to make sure that I'll pass.  One week into that.  Again, the question of "Do I want this more than I want to go sailing?"  NO.  Easy.  Ramping up some exercise to make sure I don't get a high BP reading when I go in for the physical.  I think I will go to a school with a 7 or 10 day kind of program, which will include the USCG exam.

Anyway, sorry to ramble on so long.  Shits getting real.  A bit scary, and exciting at the same time.  I know any of us can come up with a physical/medical show stopper at any time.  So, the time is now.

General Discussion / Re: Gee Roy, it sure is quiet around here!
« on: February 27, 2017, 05:42:05 PM »
If you have space and have hanging clothes be sure to use plastic hangers, unless you happen to like rust stained clothing. Remember the sun down there will eat your Ass alive. I spend a lot of time in Fl these days but I don't stir till the evening. I've spent a lifetime in the sun and that part of my life is over.

We are in the process of paring down to what will fit on a boat; as we prepare to sell our house.  Yeah not only heat and humidity, but salt air is very corrosive.  I am thinking guitar strings won't last long.  Working on my strategies.  FL has a 6% sales tax.  AL has none.  Some advantages to starting out somewhere else.  You can't re-establish in FL until after 6 months, then you can do so tax free.  Quite a complex little puzzle.

General Discussion / Re: Gee Roy, it sure is quiet around here!
« on: February 23, 2017, 03:35:50 PM »
Me and the wife lived on a houseboat a few years when we were first married, we would move into a furnished apartment a few months in the winter. We had a washer and dryer onboard which was nice.
There's wants and needs and you have to get down to the bare necessities. Our boat was a 40 foot but we only had about 300 square ft of living space plus the covered deck. The downside of living on the boat was we rarely took it out of the marina.

Good luck living the simple life !

There are lots of boats that almost never leave the marina.  Our goal is to not be based in a marina more the the first 1-2 months.   Then, depending on the location and time of year we will head north or south.  Planning to stay in free anchorages to the extent possible/practical.  If we head out Spring/Summer, I think we will head north, for hurricane season.  Probably make our way through the Chesapeake, and up to Maine.  Then start heading south toward the Caribbean, at the end of hurricane season.

Yeah, washer/dryer.  My wife has eyed boats that have washers on them.  That is one area we disagree on.  I may change my tune, after a few months of washing clothes in a bucket; or seeking out laundromats.  Every piece of gear on a boat, amounts to making an appointment to fix that gear at some point.  I want to draw the line somewhere before "washing machine".  I am a little undecided on A/C and generators.  We will most likely have DC refrigeration, probably small freezer, and solar panels to help make power.  Leaning towards having a watermaker (desalinator).   Some people call cruising "fixing your boat in exotic places."  I understand and accept all that.

Anyway, I am really starting to get stoked.  My wife and I are having near-manic conversations about it.   It all looks so doable now.  Once my wife declared when she would like to leave her job, this whole thing has taken off.  This morning she said, how about June, instead of September.  My sister-in-law has agreed to store a couple of guitars I want to keep and not subject to humidity and salt/sea.  I will take an acoustic.  And space permitting, maybe my strat and a small amp/pedal rig.  I could find some playing/gigging opportunities.   Proceeds from everything else can go towards outfitting/provisioning.

And, anything that I feel attached to, I ask this question:  If that piece of stuff stands between me and going cruising, which do I choose?  It becomes very easy at that point.  Beyond a few guitars, I am not really attached to anything.  Just a daunting task to get rid of it all.  Especially the things of value that we need to take the time to Ebay, or Craigslist.  There will be an estate sale at some point.  And a dumpster.  I look forward to taking my winter clothes to Goodwill!!!   

We met these folks at the boat show.  They are from Wisconsin.  Bought and prepped their boat in WI, then came down the river system; across the Gulf, and around FL.  They had their estate sale in June.  So, they have just done all the stuff we are facing.  Interesting blog of their journey so far.

General Discussion / Re: Gee Roy, it sure is quiet around here!
« on: February 21, 2017, 05:23:35 PM »
Gosh, I feel like I neglect everyone recently. 

Been totally engrossed in schooling when I can.   Had 16 credits last semester while working 50 hours per week, hosting an open mic, regular church attendance, caring for a dying aunt and a rest of the jiggy crap.

Have had some health issues that are unresolved

But on a lighter note, have had the opportunity for some great new gear trades.  Have a Kemper coming this week got on trade.  If this is what it is hyped up to be, I am going to keep a few pedals and the vox ac30 as a back up and sell everything else. 

Got a stupid deal on a nash 12 string telecaster style guitar. Had the opportunity to get the 12 string or 6 string at a stupid price.   Good guitar, but don't quite think the Nash name is all that it is hyped up to be.  Don't get me wrong, it is good, but it's not, throw out your fender custom shops and get these good.

Open mic has been totally frustrating.  In January had a singer drop a mic and bust it and then ask me if I was going to give him extra time because the equipment didn't work.  Last time the owners son was sitting where we put up our stage and didn't want to move so I could set up.  Kind of wonder if I want to put so much into this right now.

Haven't heard from the devil, although the logs say he checked in in the past three months.  Who knows what that means.

Peace to you alL!

The work/school thing is tough.  I did that for several years.  Maybe not quite 16 credit hours/50 hours work.  But, close.  And with young kids at home, so my homework time always started after 10pm.  Many worknights staying up till 3 or 4am finishing a paper or project.  Hang in there!   I am still playing with Laura, since she handles all the gig-getting, etc.  But I kind of burned out on holding my own band together and dealing with bar owners.  The - 'why am I putting up with this crap' thoughts.  I also had some band members bitching about other band members; owners pissed about not moving enough Bud Light; and it just became not worth it.

Shifting gears.  We are very likely to be living aboard a sailboat within the next 12 months.  We just returned from the Miami sailboat show.  Lots of hanging with people who cruise full time.  Many long time cruisers, and several who've just started out.

We have shifted strategy from wanting to relocate to a house on the coast first; to relocating directly to a boat.   The old plan was kind of slow, long, and nebulous.  Now things are snapping into place.  We are seeing lots of viable boats in our price range.  My wife plans to leave her job this fall.  Emptying and selling our house will go into high gear, then.  And we will move to where ever the right boat is (East Coast or Gulf).  Pick a marina somewhere as a base for the first month or so, while prepping and learning the boat.  Coastal US and Bahamas till we have shaken out all the bugs and feel confident to head on into the Caribbean.  Pretty exciting.    Have to pare down music gear pretty dramatically.  But I've made my peace with all that. 

Much to learn about being an ex-pat, sea gypsy.  But, we have all those who've gone before us, as resources.  And now we are in touch with many, and kind of cracked a whole network of great resources. 

General Discussion / Re: Gee Roy, it sure is quiet around here!
« on: February 14, 2017, 09:02:41 PM »
I would be there now if I could. My wife has surgery next week and has to take it easy for a month.
Meeting with the architect early next week about our final home. We are doing 2500 sq ft single level with no stairs and a 3 car garage within walkin distance to drink and dine.

Sounds good.  We are in 1 1/2 story.  Master on main level, and 3 (empty) bedrooms upstairs.  Big finished basement.  A lot of house for 2 people. Time to downsize/move!

General Discussion / Re: Gee Roy, it sure is quiet around here!
« on: February 10, 2017, 04:14:41 PM »
No time on this trip.  Two days at the boat show, then home.  Still looking at NC.  My wife has a house in New Bern,NC in her sights.

General Discussion / Re: Gee Roy, it sure is quiet around here!
« on: February 09, 2017, 11:09:43 PM »
Still kicking over here.  Played a gig with Laura a few weeks ago.  A place that demanded real low volume, so our drummer graciously agreed to play an electronic set through the PA.   Nice being able to hear everything! 

Coming into spring without a boat (sold mine, last fall).  First time in over 30 years.

Going to the Miami Sailboat show next week.  Got to get serious about moving and getting that next boat.  Sailing away from TrumpMerica.

General Discussion / Re: This Thing's Getting Ready to Drop!
« on: January 12, 2017, 05:35:52 AM »

I thought I'd post another tune off the new CD.  This is about as far away from the Blues as it gets!  Pleasure point is a Beach at the end of 41st Ave. in Santa Cruz, Calif. where I used to live from the late '60s, and all the way through the '70s.  There are cliffs, and you have to shimmy down those with your board to even get to the water.  Then there are huge boulders all along the shoreline that you have to deal with.  It's a really good place to get hurt if you don't know what you're doing.  I've seen more than a few boards get broken in half on the rocks.  The surf itself is great!

Sounds great!  Big sound.   8)

General Discussion / Re: This Thing's Getting Ready to Drop!
« on: November 24, 2016, 03:40:16 AM »
Cool!   8)

Sounding great!

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