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Ukulele Lessons.
« on: July 27, 2013, 09:18:56 AM »
I took on a ukulele student!  His name is Painter.  His grandmother is a hospice volunteer and she comes around a watches Linda when I have somewhere to go play, or something I have to go do, and she's done more for us than I could ever hope to repay, and her little guy, who's about 6 years old decided he wanted to learn to play the uke.  I told his Grandma Gayle that I could give him lessons until he's my age and she'd never owe me a penny.  So far I've worked with him for two days, and was able to teach him how to play C, F, G, A, D, and Am chords, and he's retaining things very well.  He's able to play the chords after only a few tries, and they're coming out clear as a bell, so I'm starting him on his first song already.  His strumming patterns are a little erratic, but we worked on those a bit, and he's starting to mellow down easy.  I'm really excited about watching him evolve as he's just loaded with potential!
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