Author Topic: big agriculture trying to shut up whitleblowers. with government help of course.  (Read 1561 times)


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"Utah was one of four states to pass laws criminalizing whistleblowing on agricultural facilities in 2012. The so-called "ag gag" laws have been introduced in 12 more states in 2013. A total of eight states have now passed this type of legislation.

In Iowa, the law prohibits people from obtaining employment under false pretenses, like providing a false name or lying about employment history, in order to film animal abuse. But Utah's law is even stricter, making it illegal to seek employment at an agricultural facility with the intention of creating a recording inside the facility, even if the prospective employee does not provide false information on the job application."

very nice. to do an undercover investigation, you have to disclose who you are, and to to undercover video, photography or audio recordings, you have to ask for consent, or you go to jail. how can any politician actually vote for this? they are all pieces of shit.