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Pedal buy
« on: July 16, 2015, 05:45:51 PM »
Got some very interesting pedals at a sick price this week: 

TJ Jaurning Gristle King:

Sort of like an mid gain overdrive with a boost.  From low to mid overdrive.   

Wampler Paisley Drive

Kind of an odd flavor low gain overdrive

and a Keeley Overdrive (before the luna designation)

interesting ranged overdrive.

Got all three for a song, all in great condition, pre-velcroed for my convenience.  Have yet to play any of them for a great deal of time, but they all have great tone for the price.   Back story is a local guitarist gear hoarder passed and a good friend is sorting and selling everything.  Going to be some sick guitars and sick amps coming down the pipe too...
Does anyone ever read these things.  I have some guitars, some amps and some effects but none of them play the guitar for me.... Yet.