Author Topic: From dead to active.  (Read 2657 times)


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From dead to active.
« on: June 12, 2016, 12:23:05 PM »
So this summer has started out pretty dead.  I have a new job so I really can't do too much.  So 2 weeks ago I thought I had 3 for the summer.  The big one being next Saturday at the one year anniversary of the radio station *that one that is playing my music.

So last week I had a practice/audition as a fill in.  They had one gig as a fill in, and now there may be 4 or 5 more for the summer, big festivals.  All fairly simple stuff to pick up, just a song or two I have to learn specific lead parts.  Things always go that way for me, super slow or super busy. 

Does anyone ever read these things.  I have some guitars, some amps and some effects but none of them play the guitar for me.... Yet.


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Re: From dead to active.
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2016, 12:21:30 PM »
I think it's feast or famine for everyone.
They call it the Blues, but the shit makes me SMILE!


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Re: From dead to active.
« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2016, 02:50:09 PM »
We had an "outta the sky" gig Saturday MORNING.   Thursday, Laura said she'd been contacted by someone from "Vintage Market Days" - a 3 day flea market thingy with antiques, primitives, etc.   It was set in a closed-down shopping mall, in the old Macys store.   What I would call a "crap-o-rama".   They had booked some acts to play throughout the event in the covered parking lot with the food trucks.

Laura took the gig, and was going to do it solo or duo with our bass player (her boyfriend).   She/they can do a good 2-3 hour show, but this thing was 4 hours, and paid fairly well, so she asked me to play.  So, we did trio.  No drums.  We used to play that way all the time before we added a drummer.  It is amazing how much better you can hear the guitar and vocals without some guy pounding on shit!

They had us play 9:30AM to 1:30.  We real well.  And in the interest of filling out the 4 hours, I did a 5-6 song solo acoustic set.  I'm kinda thinking this might be the most efficient way for me to make money with music; so I am kinda looking around for chances to test the waters.  I've been working on my solo acoustic stuff, a bit.  So, that was nice.

A nice little payday outta the blue, and done by 1pm!  The guy who was to follow us wanted to be set up to start by 1:30, so we quit a little early.  I was on the road home (10 minutes away!!!) by 1:30.

I am playing gigs with Laura the next two weekends.  I have asked her not to book anything on holiday weekends, unless it is big/special/pays real well.  A good thing I let my other band go fallow.  I am at least as busy as I want to be!