Author Topic: Ibanez RG6UC Prestige  (Read 1254 times)


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Ibanez RG6UC Prestige
« on: October 30, 2019, 03:38:24 PM »
I love this guitar. Probably more of a metal player's guitar but I love how it plays. The neck has a wider nut making it easier to play cleanly. Flat radius ebony fretboard, big fat frets. It plays and feels beautiful. The back of the neck has next to no finish on it. My hand slides on it effortlessly. It came with Bare Knuckle Aftermath pups designed with "New Metal" in mind. They sounded OK through my Two Rock Bloomfield Drive if I backed the volume way off. Actually better than just OK. But I'm a P90 guy these days, specifically Buddha hand wound P90s (available on Reverb), A4 neck A5 bridge. Very snappy. The BD is the best sounding amp I've ever owned and the Buddha P90s (A4 and A5 combo) are the best sounding pups through that amp. Such a snappy/clean overdriven sound. Not at all muddy. Makes me play cleaner as any mistake comes through crystal clear. The BD seems to like P90s of any stripe. I have a Telecaster with Lollar P90s and a Godin with Lollar P90s for humbucker slot. the Buddhas sound better. So much so that I swapped the humbuckers in my Les Paul, Firebird Studio and the Ibanes with the P90s for humbucker slot. You could plug a broomstick guitar into the BD and it would sound decent I think. I hardly ever play my Strats any more. The only guitar I have with Humbuckers is a Gibson 335. Not going to swap them out, it sounds fantastic. I have another Tele with the original pups that sound great. But I can't seem to put the Ibanez down. I haven't played a blues jam with it yet, probably get laughed out of the joint. I'm taking it to the next one I go to though. Don't know if you guys remember my old go to Strat "Esmerelda." I put Jeff Beck Fender noiseless pups in it, I like them a lot. I have to back the volume off a bit as they're pretty hot pups. I think the BD likes pups that are less hot. I need to try some underwound single coils in my black Strat. I'll order up some underwound Buddhas and see how they sound. Hope y'all are doing well. Rock on!