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The Real Scoop on Musical Auditory Acuity

January 19th, 2016

A recent discussion about guitar myths brought me back to some research I was fortunate to take part of earlier in 2015.  This research had to do with auditory acuity and different perceptions of how things sounded by different people.   The study was an attempt to find out why people heard things different and why people were able to hear the difference between an analog signal and a digital signal.

Although I am not privy to the results of the study, some interesting information crossed my path.  People who could consistently tell an analog signal from a digital signal, could also consistently tell a high quality digital recording of an analog amplifier from a high quality digital recording of an amplifier modeler.

Hearing acuity is more than hearing different frequencies at different levels.  It is also more than the minimum threshold of dB where frequencies are heard.  Some people are able to hear frequencies and complexities in the frequencies and some people are not.  Which brings me back to people having strong arguments about things that affect tone on the interwebs…

People are not tested (nor do I think there is a test) for heightened auditory acuity.  No one is able to systemically test and quantify how well someone can hear nuances in different sounds.  However, we are able, to test for color-blindness, identify people who have that disorder and inform them.  We generally do not have people who are color-blind arguing what color things are because they are identified.   If we were able to identify people who for a better term, have Dulled Auditory Acuity to FrEquency Nuances (DAA-FeN) and inform them, these people would likely not plaster the interwebs with their uninformed arguments.   So if people with identified DAA-FeN did argue, we would all just pass on and know how silly they are arguing on something they cannot hear.

So, we must make a conscious decision to pass on the argument that my $200 modeler sounds as good as a Dumble, tone wood doesn’t matter in guitars, cables don’t matter in tone, and the rest of the silly arguments that circle the interwebs consistently.  Focus on what matters most to you, improving your skill and improving your tone, not arguing hues with those who are color-blind.

JHS Modified Soul Food – Update

December 30th, 2015

A few weeks ago, about 11 months after purchasing my JHS modified Soul food (previously reviewed), the pedal died.    The good folks at JHS did do what was right in the end and were helpful during the whole process.    The only update I would make to my original post is that I would no longer gig with this pedal.

Reviews forthcoming.

December 15th, 2015

It has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to write some reviews:

Here’s a list of things I am planning on reviewing in the near future:

EHX “The Crayon” – Overdrive
EHX “Cock Fight” – Specialty Pedal

Orange Micro Dark Terror – Amplifier Head

Wrought Iron Leather and Effects – Aslan Overdrive