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The KenBJammen 5 star ratings explained

March 5th, 2015

The KenBJammen 5 star ratings explained: I have had a few questions recently what I mean by 5 star, 4 star, etc..

So here is how I take my personal view and give it a star rating. Remembering that this is just my opinion based on information that I have at the time.

5 star – In this domain, this product or service is in the top 10% of products. There is little if any room for improvement in this area.

4 star – In this domain, the product or service is in the top 33% of products. There is room for improvement, but because of easily noted constraints on improvement, improvement may be very challenging or cost prohibitive for the manufacturer.

3 star – Average. The product or service does not shine, nor does it bring to a level of not purchasing the item because of the averageness. Common pitfalls in product or service should be easily rectified without burdensome costs but are not taken into consideration.

2 star – Below Average. The product or service is below acceptable standards. Any customer thinking reasonably should be annoyed at the product or service at this level. A 2 star rating in a certain domain does not mean I would suggest not to purchase an item or service, just that you should know that this area needs improvement.

1 star – Unacceptable. The product or service is unacceptable. Most all users would find that the product or service would not be to their standards. Most if not all buyers should be cautioned in purchasing a product with a 1 star rating in any domain.

½ stars. If a topic is somewhere in between a category, sometimes a ½ star will be given. This shows that it is better than the lower rating, but not quite to the higher rating.

Although ratings are by my personal experience, I will not rate below 3 stars something that I cannot test because it falls in a niche market that I do not have enough experience in.