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About Ken And His Guitar

October 17th, 2014

Ken is a guitar player from sunny “Southern Wisconsin.”

I Started playing guitar in the 80’s.  I have played in several bands over the years.

1988 – 1989 – Section 8

1990 – 1991 – The Valets

2005 – 2015 – Xylem

2009 – Current – Days of Awe

1983 – current – multiple church music teams.

My primary instrument is guitar, but I also play mandolin, ukulele, bass guitar and keyboards.  I also play synthesizer guitar.   I recorded my first original song in 1986 on a old reel to reel tape recorder.    Here’s a sample of me playing a Custom one of a kind Marc Sean Price guitar with GK-3 synth pickup.


Over the years I have won several awards for guitar playing.

2006 – JoCo Code Monkey Remix Contest – Top 5

2007 – June, Guitar Center King of the Blues on line contest, top 10

2007 – September, Our Stage top 10 blues song

2007 – October, Our Stage top 10 blues song

2010 – Guitar Center King of the Blues, store finalist

2012 – Guitar Center Battle of the Blues, store finalist

There have been other awards throughout the years, but I never indexed them so here is the best that I can remember.


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