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Just got my Ethos overdrive - figuring it out but not there yet.

Pics and clips if possible.

I'm working on a new album so clips will be forthcoming. Last nite I was messing around seeing what my LP sounded like thru it. I play that guitar the least, but sounded good  so I'm liking it so far.

just set up the channel like you would a dumble. works well.

Never played thru a Dumble - but I've now run my 335 and strat thru it. Starting to get the hang of it and liking it better. The trick is finding the clean and gain channel balance with the tone I want. The boost is pretty juicy, I must say. It does sound nice direct into my board.

My amp's still packed in the vehicle but it's coming downstairs today or tomorrow. It's too freakin cold to deal with unloading. Then I'll pair it up with my delay and verb and see how it sounds thru the Mesa.


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