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What's the best reasonably priced chorus pedal out there?

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It has to have true bypass, and I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on it.  I gave my old Boss ME-10 the deep six, and it had a ton of that sort of stuff built in, but I've been slowly building up my pedal board, and a nice pedal chorus ought to just about finish it off.

you really only have one choice. neunaber chroma. it's a no contest. it is not a true bypass, but you don't need it with this one, as the buffer circuit is amazing, and has a very high input impedance. don't confuse it with a boss pedal buffer.

neunaber technology chroma stereo chorus

the second best choice, would be the tc electronic corona chorus. it has a toneprint and is true bypass plus analog dry through.
both this and the chroma can be edited in the computer to create custom patches with all parameters (not just the ones the pedal itself has control for) fully tweakable.

tc electronic Corona Chorus Pedal

of course if you sign up at the g&l guitar forum and do a weekly lunchreport (5 days) you can get a free bbe mindbender chorus.

My Boss CE5 is an ok chorus.   But the weakest link on my PB.  I would like to upgrade, but its not a high priority.  Looks like TC can be had for 129.   With the neunber at 229.   Thanks for the tips, Yo.


what do you think about the new visual sound chorus?

Interested in your thoughts.


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