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Recycling At Guitar Center?


I was teaching down In Murrietta last week, and I recently pulled this Ibanez DE-7 Echo/Delay off of my board, because even though it sounded good enough when it was on, it was the most tone sucking son of a bitch you ever heard when it was off.  When I redid my board, I plugged it into the amp by itself, and then did a comparison, pedal, no pedal.  When it was off, it was sucking at least half the tone out of the guitar signal.  So anyway, I threw it into the trunk of my car, and when I traded some wampum for my new mic, I didn't even bother with it because I figured they wouldn't even want it.  I went back and noticed they had a new DeltaLab Sterio Chorus that they were blowing out cheap.  I tried a TC gravy, and hated it, and couple of other choruses, and hated them, and when I tried the DeltaLab, it really didn't sound bad at all.  It's kind of modest, you can't make it sound like it's going to suck the wallpaper off the walls, or anything like that, but it's nice, built like a tank, and with a 5 year warranty!  So I figured this would make a cool stop gap until I can afford to get the Chroma that I really want.  I went out to the car, got the DX-7 and asked the sales guy, (Derrick again) "What can you give me for this tone sucking piece of shit?"  He went to the computer, fiddled around for a second, and said, "I can trade you straight across, no sales tax, nothing!"   I ask you, when was the last time you heard those words uttered at Guitar Center?  He musta been HYP-MO-TIZED!  I was thinking of taking some beer cans and plastic bottles in and seeing what I could get for those.

Wow, what a score.

Those tone locs are pretty bad even on a good day. 


--- Quote from: KenBJammen on June 30, 2013, 11:47:59 AM ---Wow, what a score.

Those tone locs are pretty bad even on a good day.

--- End quote ---

other than the tubescreamer versions. identical to the old ts-9's.

The DeltaLab Chorus actually sounds pretty good.  I'm sure I still want to get the Chroma when I can afford to, but this will make the wait much easier!


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