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10 things you probably didn't know about the Klon Centaur



1) The first known Klon Centaur dates back to 14BC.
2) People in the audience can hear the tone of a Klon Centaur coming from your speaker cone around 210ms before you step on the bypass switch.
3) Klon Centaurs have been known to procreate if placed on the same pedalboard for up to nine months.
4) People will remortgage their home and sell their children to the circus in order to buy a Klon Centaur.
5) Someone will make an offer of $8,999.00 on this eBay listing.
6) Traces of Klon Centaur mid-range tone were recently found by the Mars Rover on the surface of the red planet.
7) If you use a Klon Centaur with a Dumble amp, then that's it, you've won. Congratulations.
8 ) Normal everyday people CAN tell the difference between a Klon Centaur and a Boss BD2.
9) If you say "Klon Centaur" three times into a mirror, Magorian (the Centaur from Harry Potter) will appear behind you and give you the best tonez.
10) The Klon Centaur sounds best when it is being used for praise and worship genres of music.

I did not know these things!


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