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Gibson memory cable

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The more I think about this thing, the more it vexes my spirit.  If you could take the cord, plug it into the desired effects, and directly into a recording device, it might make some sense.  As it is, it's just one more thing to screw up in a line of things that can screw up at any given time, for more reasons than carter's got pills.  As it is, I have a re-occuring anxiety dream about showing up to a gig, and the baffle board that the speaker to the amp is mounted to is broken.  I run home and get a skill saw, a keyhole saw and a piece of plywood, haul ass back to the bar, fix the baffle board, re-mount the speaker, go to fire up, and the mic cable isn't working, and I don't have a spare.  Then it's a screwed up guitar cord, and on and on, while all the time some stupid cocktail waitress who thinks she's my boss keeps coming up and bugging me, telling me the owner wants to know when we're going to start.  As far as I can tell, adding this P.O.S to your rig is just asking for one more thing to go wrong, and there's nothing right about it.  This is what happens when you give jobs to all your family members.....


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