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Many years ago I stumbled on an Original Roger Meyer Octavia at guitar center for $30.  Obviously way overpriced.  Picked it up and played with it for a few months, and traded it because the footprint was way to big, it was to heavy, and just was struggling to dial it in.   One of the things I messed up with with this pedal (that I found out way to late), is that buffers really will affect the tone of a fuzz as they are very sensitive to input.  This made it nearly impossible for me to get any of that "Octave splat" that the pedal is famous for.  lesson learned too late. 

Last weekend I picked up a EHX Octavix which is supposed to be based on the same circuit with a few tweaks. 

I struggle with fuzz but this little bugger might end up on my permanent board.   They made a switch to switch from 9V to 24V circuit, and a control to control the amount of octave.   As with the original the amount of octave is controlled by playing, picking, tone control on the guitar.  A soft pick will give a more pronounced octave up sound (as it would with the original Roger Meyer Octavia).  Humbuckers OR increased signal will decrease the noticeable octave up sound. 

*Not Visual Sound Angry fuzz is a fuzz/octave that the up octave is static and is NOT controlled by soft picking etc.  I owned one because the octave was very controllable, but got rid of it.  It should also be noted that the Visual Sound Fuzz is a square wave producing fuzz where the Octavix produces a 1/2 sine wave fuzz. 

Played with this a bit on Saturday when I had my little gig and did not sound how it did at the store.  Yesterday I had the epiphany that this bad boy needs to be first in the chain because the buffer in the second pedal in my chain was throwing it off.  So, last night I played direct just the Octavix and it played real neat like it should.  Part of me wants to try the Roger Meyer again, but no way am I dropping $300 for it. 

EHX brings this to mind:  A number of years ago, when GC was really Guitar Center, I was at a Labor Day event at the old San Bernardino store.  I was in the acoustic room playing a guitar when they announced over the intercom that they were giving away a 1970s EHX Small Stone phase shifter, and that there was a blue card stuck in the strings of an acoustic guitar.  Find the card and you win the pedal!  I looked over my right shoulder, and the blue card was in the strings of the guitar right next to me, so I grappled it up like a looter in a riot, and went up to the accessories counter and got the pedal.  I dinked around with a little, but it wound up in my junk drawer with a million other wakka-wakka boxes from years gone by.  When my old pedal board got stolen, and I had to start rebuilding five years ago, I started grabbing junk out of where I had the Small Stone entombed, and took it to the good, good folks at Bain Capital Music, and they promptly gave me $75.00 in trade for a pedal that they had given me.  They were blowing out Delta Lab Stereo Chorus pedals for $35.00 that day, so I scooped up one of those, which actually is a really nice sounding pedal, and I gave them back the other $40.00, and my old Shure SM58, and some other worthless piece of junk I had in the drawer for a brand new Shure Beta 58, which is my mic of choice.  I'm nor in league with the Devil, or anything like that, but  I'm probably the only person in history to have gotten the best of them!  Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause!

Now thats a great story!


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