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Walrus Voyager Overdrive

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Traded in my TC Electronic Mojo Mojo for a killer deal on one of these!  I could get good sounds to come out of the Mojo pedal, but it wanted to be stroked, with four knobs and a toggle switch it was kind of hard to dial in.  This is a better sounding unit, with the simplicity of three knobs, Volume, Tone, and Gain.  What really sets it apart from the Mojo is I can't get any bad sounds to come out of this one!

Walrus makes some killer stuff.  TC does way better with delay/modulation and has ok overdrive (better than Boss crap, but hell, everything is better than boss)

The Walrus is very transparent, not a lot of hiss, and just has a more realistic sound.  You can use it to make you amp sound like you wish it sounded on it's own.

Good players know how to use effects, great players know how to control their tone and their effects.

Having the right effects is a lot of the battle.


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