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BK Butler Tube Driver


I walked into my local Music Go Round to check out the used pedal selection. They had an old beat up BK Butler Tube Driver. Someone had gigged for years with this baby. An early battery powered version. I asked about it and the guy says, "We just got another one of these in today. It's bigger with a cord." I was like, "Can I see that one?"  :yes: Turns out it was a 1988 version with a cord and the added bias feature. In perfect condition. Looks to have been sitting in the box since 1988! You can still have BK build you a new one. With the bias they're 425.00. I paid 200.00!  :yay!: The 2nd band I was in (1983ish), 2 bandmates worked at the Dean Markley amp factory (Salina Kansas). They both knew BK Butler from when he was designing amps for Dean. He was building amps for Billy Gibbons around that time. Too bad Dean mismanaged that company. BK's flagship amp never took off. My buddies had amps 003 and 004 off the production line, both used a 4x12 straight and a 4x12 slant. Killer sounding amp! Extremely rare.



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